Why I’m Running

I am running for Congress to serve you. I went from Welfare to West Point. One of the things I learned in my life as a soldier is that when you’re on a battlefield, you don’t leave people behind. You go in and you pull them out!

Living in the 18th Congressional District for two decades I do not see people being lifted up. I want to see people being encouraged to prosper. We can no longer accept “That is just the way it is.” We all want the same things for those we love. We want to provide for our families in a safe and secure home.

For too long, too many of our elected officials have prospered themselves by convincing our neighbors they cannot succeed because they were born poor. I know that’s simply not true. I know it because I’ve lived it. I have experienced a front row seat to the American Dream.

I’m prepared to run on a message of hope, a message of truth. I know that if you want to lead, you have to serve. I know that real leaders put others’ needs before themselves. A real leader serves the food and eats last.

Support me as I endeavor to serve the families of Congressional District 18! Together we can improve the lives of the community. Together, we can alter the destiny of a great American city. Together we all advance. Together, we can help more of our neighbors be the Champions they were meant to be! Together We Win!

-Wendell Champion

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