• What makes America different from other nations is that we believe in creating opportunity for anyone who comes here legally. But we also believe in the fundamental importance of the rule of law, protecting our borders, our communities, and our right to reach for the American dream. My policy on overhauling immigration has an “outside-in” approach, which requires everyone to understand it isn’t a SINGLE issue, but a combination of MANY… each of which is required for our system to work together:
  • Secure our borders and build the wall first. Without national security, nothing else matters. A wall, a fence, patrols… different requirements for different areas, but something we can actually use to call our nation safe and protected.  Either we have a nation or we don’t.
  • Cutoff drug suppliers, end human trafficking, deport criminal illegals, and end funding for sanctuary cities. Put those resources we’d save to work in our district where they’re so desperate needed.
  • Support the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, to ensure safety of the American people first. Overhaul the entire immigration process to ensure only those who are dedicated to contributing to American society are allowed into the United States.