Wendell Champion Education
  • We are where we are, and to come up with a legitimate solution, we have to respect the current state of affairs within parts of District 18… a difficult situation (and declining for decades under our current Congresswoman): Failing schools that continue to get worse, single mothers who see little chance of breaking the status quo, Section 8 housing with no proximity to education outlets or job training opportunities.
  • We have to come together to solve this problem. There is no silver bullet. We have to properly direct resources, shift priorities to give people a chance, and together connect those in this district who desperately need it with skills to set them on a path to financial independence.
  • That means many things… improve our schools through better resource management, skilled and properly paid teachers, encouraging family events/participation/growth to help reunite our communities, and give ownership of results to all of us to help keep us on a constant path of improvement.