• Opportunity zones are real, and cover most of District 18. You probably never heard of these, since President Trump and his administration created them… and the current representatives wants to do nothing to even slightly validate his administration.
  • But the fact of the matter is that District 18 is missing out on every sort of economic improvement imaginable because Congresswoman Lee refuses to take advantage of programs that are already in place… to help you… to help us… and bring us all together.
  • Opportunity Zones were designed to spur LOCAL economic development and thereby job creation in distressed communities by encouraging employers to invest in the community with PRIVATE dollars instead of TAX PAYER funds, renovate property, and overhaul infrastructure.
  • Endless possibilities of what you can do with this… but has anyone heard about it? Seen any of the money?  I’m here to change that.  For the first time, large portions of District 18 have a chance at overhaul that will last.