Platform & Issues

I’m prepared to run on a message of hope, a message of truth. I know that if you want to lead, you have to serve. I know that real leaders put others’ needs before themselves. A real leader serves the food and eats last.

Support me as I endeavor to serve the families of Congressional District 18! Together, we can improve the lives of the community. Together, we can alter the destiny of a great American city. Together, we all advance. Together, we can help more of our neighbors be the Champions they were meant to be! Together We Win!

A Vision For The Future

Promote education & skills training

Secure jobs for a vibrant future

TOGETHER, a pathway to success!


Contribute to a Cause

Invest in our neighborhoods, schools & businesses

Improve infrastructure and security

TOGETHER, a brighter tomorrow!


Actionable Issues

Right-size our government

Respect our tax dollars

Create economic freedom

TOGETHER, a better life!


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Political Climate

Do you support the re-election of President Donald Trump? Please explain.

Yes. Continuity of leadership in the White House is important for our national security and for the development and implementation of social and economic initiatives that best promote what most citizens believe to be the American Dream regardless of their political party affiliation.

If elected, how would you reduce tensions between conservatives and liberals, and between supporters and critics of President Trump?

I will continue to work with all willing members of both parties to provide effective leadership which focuses on the needs of families and constituents of District 18. It is important to remember that as Congressman, I represent the best interests of local communities.


Do you support extending physical barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border? Please explain.

Physical barriers should be utilized where necessary and effective. Immigration Policies and Laws should be implemented that legally, fairly and compassionately address the immigration challenges while protecting American citizens and American interests.

Do you support ending criminal penalties for people apprehended while crossing the border? Please explain.

America is a “Land of Laws”. I support our established laws. If the laws are proven to be in need of change, then we should follow the judicial and legislative process to implement new laws.

Do you support detaining asylum-seeking families, or, except in unusual cases of heightened risk, should they be released into the country while awaiting a decision from a court? Please explain.

Asylum laws have been well established for many years. Each case should be examined and determined separately. A more streamlined process will benefit all involved.

Do you support increased border security funding? How should that money be spent?

First, we must be accountable for the funding that has already been appropriated. If the need for additional funding is in the best interest of the security of U.S. citizens then I would support the increased funding for that cause.

Under what circumstances would you support a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants now living in the country without permission?

Again, America is a Land of Laws. We need to encourage everyone living in the United States of America to abide by the laws of our land.


Do you support Medicare-for-all? Please explain.

Medicare-for-all is a term that is overly narrow. The challenges of our healthcare system are too complex to suggest that one single narrow concept or policy will provide a solution for everyone. We should be more flexible in providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for our families.

Do you support the Affordable Care Act? Please explain.

The Affordable Care Act needs to be reviewed further to determine whether it has truly been a successful alternative. Many will say they have been helped by the ACA. Also, many will say they have been harmed by the ACA.

How would you ensure that people with pre-existing conditions can receive affordable health care?

The solution depends on the pre-existing condition, the cost of healthcare coverage and who the providers are as well as many other factors. We should develop healthcare initiatives that include compassion for those with pre-existing conditions and is also economically feasible and sustainable.


Should government take action to reduce fossil fuel consumption to address climate change? Please explain.

The government should take action to help preserve a healthy environment and where possible eliminate unreasonable risks to American lives.

Would you support new limits on fracking? Please explain.

It is very difficult to limit the advancement of technology. Free markets absorb increased efficiencies. Artificially regulated markets have proven to not be the best form of governance.

Should government provide subsidies for the advancement of renewable energy? Please explain.

The government should provide subsidies only to the extent that such subsidies actually promote the advancement of our energy policies and the country’s need for alternative or renewable energy sources. We do not need additional government subsidies that do not yield positive results.


What additional restrictions on gun ownership do you support, if any? Please explain.

I support our citizens’ constitutional right to bear arms. Certainly, proper screening is important to help increase the protection of our community from people who may not be competent or responsible enough to own or carry weapons.

Would you accept campaign contributions from the NRA? Please explain.

At this point in the campaign, I have not accepted any contributions from the NRA. Nor have I turned away contributions from the NRA. Accepting campaign contributions from any organization does not dictate that the candidate has to promote every tenet of the organization. To suggest otherwise does not leave room for freedom of thought. Nonetheless, I support our constitutional right to bear arms.

Do you agree with banning the sale and purchase of assault-style rifles? Please explain.

I do not agree with categorically banning the sale and purchase of assault-style rifles. There are many responsible individuals who should be allowed to purchase weapons as desired for uses that do not include harming unarmed and peaceful citizens.


Do you support additional restrictions on abortion rights in Texas? Please explain.

I support additional, accurate and open discussions and public education on the net effects of current “abortion rights” as it pertains to communities across TX Congressional District 18 and countless families across America. When given the correct information, without political spin, most individuals will agree that the current abortion policies in America do not strengthen the fabric of our communities, is harmful to our families and therefore need to be re-examined.

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