Platform & Issues

Prosperity: Actionable Issues

  1. Right-size our government.
  2. Respect our tax dollars.
  3. Create economic freedom.
  4. TOGETHER, a better life!

National & Local Security

Nothing is more important than National Security, and defending our country from those who would do us harm.

I am committed to ensuring our men and women in uniform have all the tools necessary to do their jobs, both at home and overseas. We need to ensure military spending effectively and efficiently battles terrorism and resurgent threats posed by Russia and China. Our strength and resolve is a powerful force for global stability.

I am committed to reducing the deficit, but believe we should never balance the budget at the expense of making America less safe, or less prepared to ensuring national defense.

I also know the costs of war and believe that as we deal with threats around the globe we need to make sure we rely upon all instruments of national power at our disposal, not just our military might.

Effective & Fair Tax Code

We need a tax code that’s simple, fair, low, and permanent.

Our tax code should treat businesses and people equally. The tax code is not the place to pick winners and losers or to benefit politically connected individuals and businesses.

We need to lower tax rates, especially for job creators. America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and it and is keeping companies from creating good-paying jobs here in the United States. I support President Donald Trump’s agenda of decreasing the tax burden on all Americans to grow our economy.

American companies are locating jobs overseas to avoid paying our punitive tax rate—we need to increase the incentives for American companies to keep our jobs on American soil.

Veteran Assistance

I’m fully committed to improving the welfare and quality of life for our veterans, their families, and surviving spouses. Our veterans represent the best America has: dedication above self and sacrifice for all of us.

Fix the broken VA Health Care System, and immediately bring access to and quality of care to the levels our Veterans truly deserve.

Prosecute corrupt managers who have committed fraud, stolen funds, and undermined the integrity of a system that must work properly.

Provide access to long-term care, recovery, and transition services for the treatment of service members with PTSD, life-altering wounds, and other war-related sacrifices.

We have the greatest fighting force in the world defending our doorstep and promoting our national interests. It will stay that way if and only if we resolve to take care of our fighting men and women when they come home.

Eradicate Poverty & Build a Flourishing Economy

It’s time for all of us to come together and connect underutilized resources with underexposed talent. Welfare and government intervention doesn’t work, and won’t do anything but keep us bound to dependency and failure.

Maximize the use of economic opportunity zones to revitalize our neighborhoods, bring in programs to provide job training, rebuild with modern, affordable housing; and help put us on a path to home ownership! BOTTOM LINE: Pave the way for businesses to WANT to relocate to district 18, and bring those jobs with them. We can do it together!

Control the federal deficit—it’s growing astronomically, and its growth threatens the long and short-term health of our economy.

Reduce taxes, and make the tax system simpler and easier for Texas businesses and households to navigate. I supported President Trump’s tax reform agenda.

Scale back regulations so that our businesses can grow and employ more people. Regulation costs us 1.9 trillion dollars annually.

Fiscal Responsibility

Realign financial priorities to respond to the needs of District 18, and do so by spending money on things that actually matter! Create the pathway for success for all residents of District 18.

Cut useless, needless, or ineffective agencies and departments which serve Americans interests no longer (DOE, IRS, EPA).

Streamline critical federal agencies which must remain, to ensure they are truly serving the best interest of all Americans (DOD, DOJ).

Transfer to state programs and agencies better suited for local implementation and cost control (Department of Education, Medicaid).

Privatize components of government better managed by the free market (Social Security, Health Savings Accounts, and Federal Pension Programs).

Pass a balanced budget amendment with a supermajority requirement to raise taxes, and return tax dollars to the American Tax Payer.


It’s time to bring affordable healthcare we deserve as Americans; and end the job-destroying machine that imposes huge costs on consumers, eats into family incomes, and chokes American small businesses.

True healthcare reform must begin from scratch with patient-centered efforts, allowing insurers to compete across state lines, enabling pathways to larger pools for small businesses and individuals to lower costs, reforming high-cost medical liability, protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, and letting states decide what they need rather than enforcing an arcane federal bureaucratic process.

Remove barriers to research and accelerate drug discovery and development by reforming the FDA, reducing drug approval timing and cost barriers, and facilitate the same degree of ingenuity powering our hi-tech industries.

BOTTOM LINE: Remove the abuse, make it efficient and something we can all afford, and make it work for families across all incomes.

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