• It’s time for all of us to come together and connect underutilized resources with underexposed talent. Welfare and government intervention doesn’t work, and won’t do anything but keep us bound to dependency and failure.
  • Maximize the use of economic opportunity zones to revitalize our neighborhoods, bring in programs to provide job training, rebuild with modern, affordable housing; and help put us on a path to home ownership! BOTTOM LINE:  Pave the way for businesses to WANT to relocate to district 18, and bring those jobs with them.  We can do it together!
  • Control the federal deficit—it’s growing astronomically, and its growth threatens the long and short-term health of our economy.
  • Reduce taxes, and make the tax system simpler and easier for Texas businesses and households to navigate. I supported President Trump’s tax reform agenda.
  • Scale back regulations so that our businesses can grow and employ more people. Regulation costs us 1.9 trillion dollars annually.